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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Workday photos 4.28.07

A more relaxed workday after last week's intensive garden session. We built a new planting bed, the frame for our future vegetable plot and more parts to our rainbarrel system. Some new volunteers came out, too. Another good day!

Monday, April 23, 2007

April and May events

We had an awesome workday on Sunday! A BIG thank you to everyone who came out and got their hands dirty. Also a special thank you to the Sanchez family for donating the plans and the materials for our new fence. The progress we made in just one afternoon is amazing. Great work, everyone. Your willingness to donate your time and your ongoing support has really made this garden happen.

For photos of our garden and our work sessions , click here.

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Workday Photos: 4.22.07

Our workday on Sunday, April 22nd. We were rained out the week before, but this time we had beautiful weather.

We were able to accomplish a tremendous amount on Sunday. We planted flowers, built a fence and set up rainbarrels--all in one afternoon.

Everyone worked so hard; it was a great day!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Workday Postponed!

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday--heavy rain and possibly snow!--our workday is postponed.

We will work instead on Sunday, April 22, 1-3pm.

See you then! Bring your shovels!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Next up...

We had a great workday on Saturday. A big "thank you" to everyone who came and/or contributed! (Click here for photos.)

Here's a lot of important stuff that is coming up. Please bear with the length of the message and read carefully.

NEXT WORKDAY: Sunday, April 15th, 1-3pm
Now that the trash is gone, we can do some more work in our-soon-to-be garden. Possible projects: setting up rainbarrels, building rock (rubble?) borders, laying compost and planting.

NEXT PLANNING MEETING: Wednesday, April 18th, 7-8pm
(Can we make this earlier?)

It would probably be better if we had our next planning meeting a little earlier than originally scheduled. If you are going to attend the meeting, can you make it on 4/11 at the same time? Please let Mary know ASAP.

Many hands make for a successful garden. In other words, we need your help!!!! If you can do any of the following, please contact Mary.

1. Empty Jars & Color Copies. We are putting donation jars at some nearby businesses and need large jars. We also need someone to print out about 6 color copies on regular paper.

2. Yardsale volunteers & organizers. A yardsale/flower sale fundraiser for the garden is being planned for mid-May. More info at planning meeting.

3. Making phone calls. For reminding people without e-mail of workdays, etc.


This month, Philadelphia Green is holding free Garden Tenders trainings for community gardeners. It would be great if a few of us could go to these workshops, which will be held on 4/18, 4/21, 4/25, 5/2, and 5/9. They are very informational, and are great for networking. More info is available at http://www.pennsylvaniahorticulturalsociety.org/phlgreen/gardentenders.html

First Workday Photos--3.31.07

Here we are, cleaning and digging away. We cleared the lot of rubble and debris. We even cleaned the alley. And check out that brick path! (Thanks, Tiffany, for the photos!)