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Saturday, June 11

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Volunteer Day 3-29-08

Our dedicated volunteers worked through the chilly weather on Saturday and produced absolutely beautiful results. You can view pictures of the garden and read a little about our day's work here.

Among the highlights:
*New trees and bushes
*A beautiful arbor with space for sitting
*Clean and weeded planting areas
*Rhubarb roots planted
*Joanne's homemade coconut eggs eaten!

Join us for our next volunteer day on Sunday, April 27, 12-3pm.

Can you help with our annual plant and bake sale? We need people to help on the day of the sale and to give donations of baked goods. Contact Mary at marywb@temple.edu interested.

We are also actively fundraising to cover the costs of our emergency land purchase last summer. Please consider making a gift to our garden. (See link on upper righthand side of blog.)

In the meantime, come to the garden and take a look... we are anticipating a colorful garden this season. It already looks great, and we're only getting started. Thanks to everyone for making the Hicks Street Garden so successful!