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Sunday, July 29, 2007

August news

Hello Hicks Garden Friends,

You'll find a quick update below.

The sunflowers are huge!!! If you haven't been by the garden recently, please stop in for a rest and a look about. The judges from the City Gardens contest thought it was "just lovely." (No word yet on the contest outcome.) THANKS to EVERYONE who is helping to water and maintain our garden this summer. This has truly been a neighborhood effort! --Mary


So far, the process of buying the lot seems to be progressing fairly smoothly. Settlement will be taking place in the next week or two.

Following settlement, we will hold an open meeting to discuss where we go from here. There is much to consider, including what type of organization we want to be and how we will begin fundraising to repay the donor who is purchasing the lot for us.

The meeting will take place sometime in mid-late August at the garden. Time will be announced.


PHS' City Gardening Series is holding a FREE workshop called "Growing Herbs in the Home Garden." It will take place on Mon. 7/30. 6:00pm at the library @ Broad & Morris.

There will be another movie night at DiSilvestro Playground (15th & Morris) on Sat. Aug 30. @ 8:30pm. The feature film is "City Harvest," sponsored by Scribe. The film is about community gardens in Philadelphia, and the Hicks Garden will have an info table there. Come out, enjoy this documentary and show your support!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Garden party photos 6.30.2007

A pumpkin starting to grow...

Rose and Byrd.

Kitties have moved in underneath our rainbarrel!

Our flamingo with new prosthetic legs.

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Judgment Day" and other news

The garden looks great, and we had a wonderful potluck on
Saturday! (Hope to get some more photos up soon...)

A few garden announcements:

1) CONTEST. Philadelphia Horticultural Society's "City Gardens"
contest judges are coming to look at the garden on Weds. July
11 @ 9:30am. If you're free at that time, you are welcome to
come and bribe... er... talk to them about your experiences
with the garden.

To get ready for their visit, I'm hoping we can tidy things up
NEXT Tuesday evening, from about 6:30-7:30. If you can help,
please let me know.

2) BUYING THE LOT. In case you have not yet heard, the garden
lot is for sale and we're making an offer this week. Mary's
brother has generously offered to buy the lot if our bid is
successful. Our longterm goal would then be to raise enough
money to repay him and put the garden in a trust.

3) PLEASE PICK the GREENS! The endive on the right side of
the vegetable frame (rear of garden) is ready. Please help
yourself. It can be cooked or used in salads.

That's all for now. Will keep you updated about the sale and
the contest.